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As a mother, I have become very aware over the years at how much pressure children put on themselves. Because of this, they can feel insecure, anxious and worry no one will want to be with them. It is IMPERATIVE for children to understand that no matter what they do, no matter who they are, and no matter how many mistakes they may make they are still loved anyway. Through outrageous predicaments and silly rhymes, I hope and pray my book series will help them understand the great message of unconditional love a little bit better. And they will be filled with giggles too. 




I Would Love You Even If You Were a Pickle

"Pickle" is a warm and loving story about a mother and her son after a hard day, exploring their love for one another using hilarious examples children will find silly and understandable. It rhymes, touches the heart and brings giggles to the whole family. 

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I Would Love You Even If You Were A Tomato

The sequel to the award-winning book, I Would Love You Even If You Were A Pickle, Myah is concerned her daddy is upset with her because she misbehaved. Daddy assures her that he loves her no matter what. And they compete with even more outlandish hypothetical "I would love yoy even if" statements than "Pickle!" It's a thoughtful, loving and silly, father-daughter tale. 

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I Would Love You Even If You Burned the Christmas Turkey

Third in the multi award-winning "I Would Love You Even If" series, the Christmas turkey doesn’t fare too well in this story! The turkey is burned and holiday memories are shared in this warm, family tale between Grandmother and grandchildren. Best of all, a family of Pickles is introduced and they live in a Christmas tree! 


I Would Love You Even If You Were A Coconut

From the award winning author, Bucleigh Kernodle, comes her fourth book, I Would Love You Even If You Were A Coconut. 


The Pickles of Pickleton



From award winning children's book author Bucleigh Kernodle, comes her first forray into young reader books. All the neighbors of Pickleton are friendly and get along well together except for the Sours. Their bitterness may leave a harsh taste around town, but a very "jarring" experience changes their acidic tune. With puns, wit, and charm, Pickleton is indeed a sweet place to visit.

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