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Book Reviews

Super cute and fun book! Great message for all readers!

-Ruth Wilson, teacher and mother 

"The book's message of unconditional love and the banter that the verse is sure to inspire between reader and child will surely extend the appeal well through the elementary years. This is a book that will be pulled off the shelf often."

-Mitch H., father of 2 

Over 100
5 star reviews! 

"As a parent, I believe this book belongs among the classics in every family's collection. Whimsically illustrated, Pickle offers a fresh twist on the expression of unconditional love. It encourages creativity and even competition as parent and child venture beyond its pages to share their own 'even if' affirmations."
-Michael J. Fresina, author, teacher, father

My kids and I absolutely LOVE this book!

We have both the Pickle and now the Tomato book

and we read it often!!
Well written and so relatable to my little ones!

-Jo Walker

Tomato is our second book from Bucleigh Kernodle and we love it just as much as the Pickle book! She is a very talented writer and the message rings true again: you are loved no matter what. The best part is how this book speaks to readers no matter their age. Our kids love the silly illustrations and ideas woven throughout the pages and we love reading it to them!
-Kristin Timmerman, mother of 3

"Pickle" is not only a fun read with fantastic illustrations, but most importantly, it shares a wonderful message about unconditional love. I love to read this with my daughter and have given it as gifts to others as well. I highly recommend it!

-Ashley B.

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